Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Finding purpose

Yesterday's blog about all the hats I wear got me to thinking about a question that I am asked often by people who come to me for spiritual direction or in conversation.  It is a question you have likely asked yourself in some form or another.

Why am I here?  What am I meant to do?  What is my purpose?

Some people know what they are born to do.  They become great doctors or teachers or rise up the ranks in a profession for which they have a natural aptitude.  Others of us know that being a parent fills our life with meaning but once the kids have left the nest the question returns - now what?

We once took the question to the angels who basically told us - Do what brings you joy.  Do what brings love to the world.

I know that many of us want more specifics.  We think in terms of what should I be?  What should I do? We have been told by well-meaning people that we can't get ahead by drawing doodles or knitting scarves or whatever it is that we love to do outside of the 9-5 work day.  Many of us want the security of a paycheque and benefits.  We have more people to think of than just ourselves.  

We can work in a job that we don't like.  We can spend our day with people who really are not that nice.  We can do anything for a few hours at a time and stay happy IF we balance it with something that feeds our spirit.

Whatever feeds your Spirit holds the key to your purpose.  It holds the answer to your question.  Are you a musician?  Are you a gardener?  Are you an artist?  Are you a world traveller?  Do you clip coupons and feel a sense of joy?

As we consider the big question of life purpose, I see more and more that it isn't perhaps one thing we are meant to do.  It is more about finding things that help us stay in that place of joy and happiness.  It about be-ing rather than the do-ing.  It is about being in that place of love and openness, letting our Spirit guide us to the answers we seek.

It also means taking time every day to let yourself be nourished  in spirit.  Connecting with nature, getting out your paints, laughing with loved ones, doing something that brings you joy.

It is true, as John Lennon wrote, all you need is Love.  Love is all about being and is the opposite of fear.  It is about things of the Spirit that touch us in the physical.

Seek first the things of the Spirit (the Kingdom of God) and everything will come to you.  Focus there and everything shifts.  It really is in the "be-ing"  that we discover the answers to our deepest questions.  At least, that is what I have learned. 

When we look at the fear and the harsh climate of the world, it becomes more and more important that we stay in that bubble of joy, of happy anticipation, of knowing that we are here to be loving and to be love, that we are blessings to one another...  

Today, take time to find your bliss.  Take time to let yourself be filled with the affirming and uplifting power, the soul connection that comes when you are in harmony with your spirit.  It is good for you and energetically it is a blessing for the world.  

(While you are at it, send a wave of love to our Mother Earth, to all the people, animals, structures, plants... just cover it with love and gratitude. This is part of our collective purpose and has effects that are profound.)

Have a great day, everyone.

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