Monday, 14 September 2015

Simplifying Life...

I have reached that point in my life where things are like the pasta bowl -- I keep plugging away and the volume of stuff in the bowl seems to stay the same.  You probably know what I mean.

Of necessity, I wear many hats and each one comes with its own bowl.  As wife and mom, I have the family bowl.  As presiding bishop of a growing Church, I have that bowl.  As a seminary director with diaconal candidates in training, I have the happy task of writing and coordinating the curriculum. As an artisan with orders for crosses and angels, I have a whole studio.  As an Angel Lady, I have many projects on the go.  As a wedding officiant, there are ongoing calls on my time. There are other bowlfuls of things, but you get the picture.

My bowl runneth over.

I am not complaining.  Today I am aware that the management of this huge mixing bowl of good things I have created is getting challenging.  I am untangling the many websites I run, the various blogs that I have started, the podcast sites that I use and the number of facebook pages I've started and I feel like going back to bed.

So, I have decided to consolidate where I can.  

My problem is that I enjoy each and every thing I do.  Each has its own identity and purpose.  Each one seems important.  And, each helps with household income since the Church is not a stipendary gig.

So, this will become my only blog and will reflect the diverse things I do.  I have an exciting life, filled with great people, projects and experiences.  

As for the rest, today is the day to look at each and prioritize.  Not everything is front burner.  Not everything needs to be on the hot topic list.  Some of the pasta can be portioned out and put in the freezer for a while.

How about you?  Here we are in September and summer is shifting into autumn.  Schedules are filling up, life is picking up speed.  Your pasta bowl may be feeling a little full too.

Here are questions to consider as you look at the list and the calendar:

1. Do I need to work at this today?  Where is it in terms of deadline, planning, execution?
2. Can someone else work at this?  Is this mine alone or should someone else take the lead.
3, What can I put in the freezer and not worry about for a while?
4. When can I build in a block of time for me?
5. When can I build in a block of time for family and friends?
6. What can I say "no" to?

Have a great day, everyone.  When in doubt, take a break, go outside and enjoy the day!

Cheers and blessings,